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not bad for August

August Democratic Gathering

The Cranford Democrats gathered on August 22 at Hanson House for a regular, summer meeting.

We were joined by Mayor Tom Hannen, who is running for re-election this year. The Mayor filled the group in on local municipal business, especially the closing of the long, complicated Birchwood agreement. Commissioner Jean-Albert Maisonneuve updated Democrats on the quiet, steady progress on downtown improvements.

Freeholder Vice Chair Bette Jane Kowalski brought two of the Democratic Freeholders running this year: her colleagues Freeholder Rebecca Williams and Kim Mouded-Palmieri.

A representative from Tom Malinowski’s campaign spoke about a recent poll showing him with a narrow lead over Rep. Leonard Lance. The Malinwski campaign has knocked on more doors than any other House race in the nation, and has already completed TWO waves of door-to-door campaigning in Cranford. They plan many more.

Lance, has bragged about voting more than 60 times to eliminate the Affordable Care Act, voted to restrict regulators from considering a person’s severe mental illness when they purchase guns and has been an earl and enthusiastic proponent for ending Net Neutrality, allowing internet providers to restrict access and raise rates on consumers.

There is much to do before Election Day and there is definitely work for you! Sign-up here!

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