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Mayor Giblin Announces Cranford Economic Recovery and Business Development Task Force

This article originally appeared in TapInto Cranford.

CRANFORD – Mayor Patrick Giblin announced the creation of the Economic Recovery and Business Development Task Force this past Tuesday. 

According to the release, the Task Force will focus on examining the future of small business, developing strategies to strengthen their recovery, and offer recommendations for business growth both in the immediate and long term. The Task Force will be Chaired by Deputy Mayor Kathleen Miller Prunty and Co-Chaired by Commissioner Mary O’Connor.

“Early in the Pandemic emergency, I had discussions with several members of the Township Committee about long-term business recovery and growth and those conversations have continued,” said Mayor Giblin. “We are now at a point, the second phase, where we work on the strategy and decisions to ensure business retention and recruitment, continued investment, creative and innovative approaches to strengthen Cranford’s ability to stand out and ahead of other communities. The competition in the next few years will be intense and many of the old approaches will no longer work. There are no quick fixes. This recovery effort demands a critical, objective evaluation of policies that impact business and an open-minded consideration of new ideas.”

Task Force representatives will come from:

  • Downtown Management Corporation
  • Cranford Business Park Committee
  • Centennial Village Committee
  • Chamber of Commerce
  • Planning Board
  • Pedestrian & Bike Safety Committee
  • Parking Committee
  • Green Team
  • Township professional staff, as needed
  • Business and professionals with specific expertise, as needed

“As needed, the Task Force will call upon Township professional staff and others with specific expertise that would be helpful to our work,” said Deputy Mayor Prunty. “In addition, we expect to reach out to business owners and residents for feedback. We got through the first months of this emergency and now we are at a time for the planned critical evaluation of the current situation, Township policies, and what we need to do going forward to strengthen the environment for our existing businesses and be able to attract new investors.”

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