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100+ Cranford Women Support Kate Rappa for Cranford Township Committee

More than 100 Cranford women have come together to endorse and show their strong support for Kate Rappa’s candidacy for Township Committee. These women know Kate is a proven leader who is smart, open-minded, innovative and takes a thoughtful approach to decision making. Her professional background in finance and best business practices will be an asset as the Township continues to deal with the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic.

We need to elect a leader who understands the challenges facing Cranford and who is able to recognize the opportunities to enhance our quality of life.

Kate, like so many women, juggles family and community volunteerism. Kate cares about Cranford and already contributes as a volunteer on the Library Board, Planning Board, Environmental Commission, Cranford Unity Project, Bloomingdale Ave. School, Newcomers Club and Cranford Soccer Club. Kate Rappa is the person Cranford needs now as we plan for the future.

Kathleen Miller Prunty

Lynda Feder 

Patricia MacLean                  

Kristen Mider                          

Julie Farrell                              

Tina Re Browning                  

JoAnn Boyle                            

Molly Kellett                           

Catherine Venditti                

Carol McLaughlin                  

Michelle Petrino                    

Lauren Curcio Thomas        

Carrie Kosta                             

Amanda Procaccino Prunty

Diane Sen                                 

Hiba Quaraman                     

Danielle DiMeglio                 

Sandy Sjursen                         

Jillian Guarini                          

Warda Qaraman                    

Liz Kellett                                  

Michelle Stavrou                   

Andrea D’Alessio                   

Kathleen Curran                    

Melissa D’Mello                     

Regina Illing                             

Holly Gessner                         

Tara Rice                                   

Evie Schulman                        

Teresa Mansbach                  

Judy Viana                                

Courtney Mayo                      

Lauren Aulson                        

Lisa Hom                                   

Daniela Shebitz                      

Kaitlin Kunsman                     

BJ Kowalski                              

Patricia Pavlak                        

Lindsay Lehault                      

Karen Bennett                        

Julie Murphy                           

Kerry Durante                         

Camille Widdows                  

Nikki Savino Mulcahy          

Jessica Harring                       

Jodi Tuisku Bigden                

Carly Nguyen                          

Lauren Walsh                          

Mary Ragazzo Reilly             

Eileen Martines                     

Stephanie Zupko                   

Jennifer Jurkowich               

Kristin Cohen                          

Jennifer Rodriguez               

Kate Ryan                                 

Shaina Panos                          

Meaghan Bottino                  

Rosalia Kolibas                       

Rebecca Trump                      

Kathleen Reilly Streicher    

Nicole Fabian-Weber          

Jennifer Goodwin                 

Allyson Kunzelman               

Evan Hooper                           

Erica Schwarz                         

Samantha Ulan                      

Nicole McDermott                

Danielle DeCostello              

Kristin Ferrara                        

Maria Luisa Rodriguez        

Rima Borden                           

hannon Gallo                          

Martha Sturm

Ann Dooley

Peg Dooley            

Deidre Trama        

June Brown

Laura Kruglinski

Madeleine Bither

Rebecca McDonough

Mary Lou Pastore

Jill Wohrle

Paula O’Hara

Mai Reitmeyer

Christine Bove      

Claire Cooper

Denise Salvatore

Amanda Padilla Byrnes

Annadele Markowitz

Lauerin Gareis

Patty Spinner

Susan Burke          

Kelly Gambardella

Carol Berns

Heather Foley

Kristen Mosier      

Lora Turon

Jackie McGill

Rosanna Byrum

Courtney Baginski

Lauren King

Galadriel Hasbrouck

Tara Giblin

Mona Patterson  

Christina Paolillo

Lesley Shaw

Victoria Brady

Elizabeth Rivera   

Genna Degan

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