Cranford Boards & Committees

Boards and Committees

Some of these are policy-oriented, some are action oriented. You can look into opportunities in boards and committees where you have a unique talent or interest.

The Centennial Village Committee plans and runs events like MusicFest and the Centennial Village 5k, and improves and promotes the business district.
Community Connection plans and carries out programs like PorchFest, Pooch Plunge & others.
Cranford West maintains the town's camping area.
The Memorial Day Committee organizes the town's annual parade.

The Environmental Commission advises on environmental policy and reviews some plans with environmental impacts.
The Green Team is the action-oriented arm of the Commission, making plantings, rain gardens and other projects.
The River Maintenance Committee plans and carries out our annual river cleanups.
The Tree Board advises on municipal tree issues and organizes tree plantings.

Bicycle Safety advises the Township on improving cycling safety and encouraging more bike use.
Municipal Alliance promotes community activities to prevent youth substance abuse.
Pedestrian Safety Committee sets policies to keep pedestrians safe and make Cranford a more walkable town.

These committees advise the Township on parks & Recreation and TV35.