Where We Stand

Mayor Tom Hannen, Deputy Mayor Patrick Giblin and Commissioner Ann Dooley are working for Cranford families.

Efficient Spending

We want to put your tax dollars to good use, ensuring that Cranford remains a great place to live

Improving Our Roads

We will make sure taxpayers know which roads are slated for improvements and we'll set longterm goals for resurfacing

New Ideas

We're putting Cranford's expertise and energy to work in municipal government in everything from better communications to better planning

A Strong Downtown

We'll focus on long-needed downtown improvements and on revitalizing blighted areas

Protect Homes

Dredging and river cleanup are a top priority and we're working with county, state and federal officials on flood control

Join us

We're looking for people who want to share their ideas and energy for Cranford

Our Team

Your Democratic Officials working hard for Cranford.

Tom Hannen


Patrick Giblin

Deputy Mayor

Ann Dooley


Bette Jane Kowalski

Union County Freeholder


Here’s a roadmap, infrequently updated, our progress in 2017!

Our Progress
Dec. 28, 2016

Meeting, Bond Ordinance

Jan. 3, 2017



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